Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I updated my site, the home page and "About me"

Soon I will add articles, scripts, images/video gallery and links of course.

Take a look Vesa , wow, what a Day.
Google's Gmail with 1 GIG's Free storage is true!

I signed up it thru Time will show how it will work..

Talk about it in Flash-Db Message Boards
Update done. After playing around with Blogger-tags and CSS I got this working.. Simple.. I like this.

changes on blog's layout.

it may give you errors in next few minutes, please be patient.
Happy Birthday Mom :)

I been around the world and back like what up
East side to west side tourin like what up
And even though the price for the house was so much
I still roll with them from the hood like what up
Cuz when it comes to bein the realest im sho nuff
Im a straight up industry villain fo sho nuff
And I cant satisfy some a yall no matter what
And some of ya'll cats are so jealous
Said we livin in a cold cold world
Aint nuttin but fake faces fake people fake friends
Said we livin in a cold cold world
Where there aint nuttin but envy wannabees playa-hatas
Yea I know I need a hug but yall need a hug too
Cuz god gunna judge me the same day he judge you
And even though we have our struggles that�s alright
You know we get our folks and find a way to shine

Have anyone played with Flash Video Gallery ? Im gettin' dumber, where are those thumnails saved??

See full question here:
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