Monday, April 11, 2005

Ben Forta in Powered By Detroit Coldfusion/Flash Conference. This is funny: "So, all in all a great event. With one gotcha. Cornel and his wife, in an attempt to embarrass me, had me enter the hall in a Hummer (yes, a Hummer) that was pushed (yes, pushed) by the user group managers. When the Hummer doors opened out jumped two Hooters girls (yes, Hooters girls) who followed me on to the stage and then hurled t-shirts to the audience. And yes, lots of attendees had cameras. Oh, the things I do for the community. ;-) "

Forta's Blog is good information source for all CFMX developers. I visit there daily.
Flash-dBattery - Local Shared Objects Example , something simple i wrote in saturday evening, SourceFiles coming later (just need clear up my code first)