Friday, April 30, 2004

Hey, anyone try out CFMyAdmin ?

I haven't get answer yet for this problem.. I don't know it's A CFML Problem or an MySQL, anyways, I keep getting "ISJ2EE=false" when trying to connect localhost (using password or without)

CFMyAdmin Problem
Im Drunk by a Sugar

Ever eat too much candy/something what got sugar .. and feel like you are "drunk" ?

Today is a "worker's day" or may be it's tomorrow, anyways, big parties.. :)

Im just eating everything sweety. Uhm. My English language can't tell what I'm eating, I even try take pictures of them but they aren't clear enough.

okay, drop it, let's talk body language baby.. Hope to see you tonight my dear :)

By the way, Congurilations for those TEN new countries who will be joining to EU tomorrow!!! :)