Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Playing with miniDV & Flash MX 2004.. just can't find good preloader, even searchengine finds almost 30 000 pages..
Google search: flash mx preloader

Why I can't find GOOD preloader.. Too lazy?! :(

Anyways, get back to you tomorrow..this bmx-videoclip is awesome.. ;)
I Receivede e-mail from Dave Schroeder, Director of Flashbelt.

"I'm putting together a flash conference in Minnesota and was hoping you might be
able to give us a hand with getting the word out about it.
It's our first year and it's going to be really cool. We're bringing in great
speakers. We're going to give flash users in the midwest something really worthwhile"

* kicking flash in the midwest *

I love to spread word what comes Flash-releated Events.