Friday, July 09, 2004

Flash-Db dot com Message Board temporarilly down. But main site does work.

So stay tuned, We try get SQL back soon as possible.

Flash-Db Team
Friday's OT 10,000 record dataset

I laughed for this.
Flash and Design.

" * Showcase how different interfaces can be used to display and interact with the same content.
* Content will be dynamically provided in the form of Flash Remoting via AMFPHP.
* Where possible, interfaces should demonstrate examples of layout and interaction that are difficult or not possible using plain XHTML/CSS (aka the "rich" in RIA).
* AS 1.0 or 2.0 is fine, but content must be viewable with any version of the Flash 6 player.
* Bonus points given for usability, including small files sizes and smooth progressive loading of content.
* Other bonus points given for anything stereotypical of Flash pre-2000, just so we don't forget our ancestors."

This sounds instersting, check out Flash Zen Garden