Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Progressive JPEGS in Flash.

Flash cant download progressive jpegs but Musicman have a solution for this. See this post for zip.

Good work, again, Musicman!
Dorky buttons

This fullasgood-button gave me idea to make my own, see on left side of site, there's some 80x15 buttons. For fullasgood - button, see Acid:Click!
Summer Clothes.

Finally my t-shirt came from Turnin' Point. Post office had losted my packet but It came on monday evening, or actually at day-time but they were too busy at local office, so they called me on evening. Anyways, Im happy with this Sean John T-shirt, better picture comin' out later.

Some of my friends are now visiting in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. One of them promise to look something for me, so I hook up this Philly 76's t-shirt from I hope he finds something like that for me.

I just love colours. White is just not best for some McDonald's hangout with girlfriends - yeah!