Monday, January 10, 2005

Flash-DB Walk-Throughts and Q&A Session this week -- intersting to take a part for 5-users sessions.. ?

I got that trial for breeze (15-days)

I registered for X-Box Live today, I had that 3 months free trial for it. I been playing Halo 2 today alot online, I even got somekind of "stats", see : Player GamerTag Stats. My gamertag is "dad pays" .. Sounds pretty lame..

Here's our clan's stat site peacemakers777 .. Haha, it's been like 5 years I was last time in a "clan", and it was Quake 1 team fortress clan.. I use to play it alot (with dial-up connection, oh boy it cost a lot!!!)

I sound like a 13-year old kiddie now..