Sunday, March 20, 2005

Google Code: "Welcome to Google Code, Google's place for Open Source software". The Google APIs are there.

Again new stuff from folks of Google, haven't even get familiar with google maps yet and now they are putting this out.
burgerTime - an nice arcade game on Flash, check it out.
BIT-101 Blog: Flash and Yahoo. Get over it already

"Why is that? Because the player you get when you buy Flash does not have Yahoo in it. The player you get when you automatically upgrade your player does not have Yahoo in it. The player you get when you go to Macromedia's download site using Mozilla or Firefox, etc. does not have Yahoo on it. The only time you are going to encounter it is when you go to the Macromedia site using IE/Windows.

Secondly, if you do wind up there, it's not like it's being snuck in there on you. It's pretty bold and obvious before you even click the link.

Third, and most important, and I bet most of the screamers don't realize this, is that you get to choose whether to download Flash Player with or without Yahoo. It's not like you download it and then it asks you if you want to install. You choose before downloading. There are two radio buttons - with or without. You don't want Yahoo, you don't get it. If you get it, you chose to get it. It's a pretty blatant choice."

Pretty clear,uh.. I like the point I bet most of you, the foremost Flash developers in the world, never noticed until you saw a thread about it. .. I know that idea of bundled software is scary but c'mon guys, why so big deal about this one..